Legendary Club

Лучшие традиции отдыха

since 1999

Концертная арена «ITAKA» – это один из первых масштабных летних проектов Одессы. Уже более 19 лет, на сцене которого выступают лучшие артисты и мировые звёзды

In the best traditions, we continue to create a festive atmosphere and delight you with performances of your favorite musical performers!


Club Photos

Club Scheme


Only in Ithaca the second DISCO dancefloor of the 80-90’s

All Hits of Decades

Do you miss the melodious music of the 80-90’s, which is filled with sensuality? Remember how danced under Elvis Presley and C. C. Catch? We, too! Especially for you – the only disco-dance floor in Arcadia. For you, cassettes and babin put the legendary MC Yurik, DJ Elvin and DJ Slaving.

We will give you a sea of ​​good mood and an unforgettable vacation!


Musical Capital of Summer


Residents of the club DJ Volkov, DJ Bin, MC Svetly, Go-Go Show work for you


Special erotic party “Have Contact” & Go-Go Show

Second dance floor

Fridays and Saturdays DISCO-Danceflo works for you. DJ Elvin, DJ Slaving, MC Yurik

Fridays and Saturdays

Stars Concerts, Top DJ Performances and Exclusive Shows

About the Club

Since 1999, we have had concerts of the most popular performers from Ukraine, Europe and the USA.

Accommodation in Odessa